Andhra Pradesh


    Andhra Pradesh is blessed with many major rivers, the most important being Godavari, Krishna, Pennar and Vamsadhara. The state, share of dependable flows from all the rivers and streams is estimated at 2746 TMC. And only 1753 TMC has been utilized so far. The total cultivable area of the state is 392 lakh acres and at present 292 lakh acres is being cultivated from all sources.
    The history of irrigation in the state goes back to ancient kings and rulers who have built many artificial lakes and reservoirs for irrigation and drinking water.
    After Independence Government have given highest priority for irrigation sector which is the key force behind the agricultural revolution. Many gigantic projects have been taken up in addition to many medium and minor schemes, thus creating a total irrigation potential of 134 lakh acres. The goal is to reach the ultimate IP of 217 lakh acres.
Other Projects

Budjet Management System

e-LOC(Letter of Credit)

Standard Schedule of rates

EPC Contracts (to be incorporated in D Code)

GIS - Decision Support System

    Water Resources Information System
Water Resources Information System

        Water Resources Information System(WRIS) provides information on irrigation projects in all sectors - Major, Medium and Minor/Lift irrigation. The information is available district-wise for all the three sectors. For major and medium irigation, project-wise information can be accessed.
  Project Monitoring System (Including Quality)
  Project Monitoring System
      Govt. of A.P. launched a massive irrigation infrastructure program, to create additional irrigation potential of about 75 lakh acres in two to five years. This project monitoring system enables govt. administrators, executives and stake holders to review & monitor the progress of physical, financial and allied components including quality assurance, timely remedial action to overcome bottlenecks and effective finance planning to achieve targets.
  Reservoir Storage Monitoring System
Reservoir Storage Monitoring System

         Reservoir Storage Monitoring System enables the user to access real time information on water levels, storages, inflows and outflows of major reservoirs and barrages in the state.

  Human Resource Management System
      Irrigation and CAD Department is one of the major infrastructure department in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Human Resoruce Management System is developed to govern and utilise the Human Resource of the department effectively.
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