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1.     Preamble

    The multipurpose Nagarjunasagar Project (NSP) on the river Krishna, near the then Nandikonda Village, Peddavoora Mandal, Nalgonda District, is the pride of Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the Modern Temples of Independent India. This is the largest and highest masonry dam in the world. The Project was inaugurated by the (Late) Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India on the 10th December 1955. The water was let into both the two main canals i.e. Right Main Canal (Jawahar Canal), Left Main Canal (Lalbahadur Canal) by the late Prime Ministre Smt. Indira Gandhi on the 4th August 1967.

2.     Salient Features

    (a) Location


    Nandikonda (Village)
    Peddavoora (Mandal)
    Nalgonda (District)

    (b) Hydrology

      Catchment Area


      2.15 lakh Sq Km

      Maximum Observed Flood(on 7th October 1903)
      at Vijayawada


      10.61 lakh Cusec

    (c) Reservoir

      Water spread area at FRL


      285 Sq Km

    (d) Masonry Dam

      Spill way of Dam


      471 m

      Non-over flow Dam


      979 m

      Masonry Dam


      1450 m

      Maximum height of Dam above deepest foundation


      125 m

    (e) Earth Dam

      Total Length of Earth Dam


      3414 m

      Maximum height


      26 m

    (f) Power Generation

      Power Units


      1 No. conventional
      (110 MW capacity)
      7 nos Reversible
      (100 MW capacity)

    (g) Canal Power House

      Right side


      3 units 30 MW (each)

      Left side


      2 units 30 MW (each)

3.     Irrigation Potential

    Under Nagarjuna Sagar Right Main Canal and Left Main Canal, an ayacut of 10 to 11 lakh acres and 8.5 to 9.5 lakh acres respectively are irrigated during normal years.

      Ayacut Canal-wise

      (lakh acres)

      (lakh acres)

        Right Main Canal



        Left Main Canal



      Ayacut District-wise
        Nalgonda 3,97,000 3,81,022
        Khammam 2,75,000 2,76,633
        Krishna 3,68,305 3,70,681
        West Godavary 6,734 2,244
        Guntur 7,01,999 6,68,541
        Prakasam 4,71,999 4,44,729

4.     Components

    (a) Head Works

    (b) Canals

      (i) Jawahar Canal

      (Right Main Canal)

      (ii) Lal Bhadur Canal

      (Left Main Canal)

5.     Source of Funding

    The balance IP creation works under Nargarjunasagar Project are being undertaken with the Centrally Sponsored Project and rehabilitation works by the World Bank Aid.

Project Map