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Pulichintala Project is located near Pulichintala Village on river Krishna, about 85 km Upstream of Prakasam Barrage, Vijayawada.


The main Object of the Project is to make available timely supplies for nurseries and also during the transplantation period i.e., for stabilisation of ayacut under Krishna Delta to an extent of 12.5 Lakh Acres. It is proposed to form & terminal reservoir with gross storage capacity of 45.75 TMC. The flows available at the reservoir are only from the catchments below Nagarjunasagar Dam no interstate problems are involved in this scheme.

            Regarding water availability, in Krishna water disputes tribunal, the 75% dependable yield in Krishna river and Prakasam barrage was considered as 2,060 TMC, in which the yield from intermediate catchment between N.S.P. and Prakasam barrage is also considered. But there is no reservoir at present to impound this water in between and most of it is going waste into the sea through Prakasam barrage. Therefore Pulichintala reservoir has been proposed as a balancing reservoir. The Total cost of the Pulichintala Project is finalised by C.W.C. is Rs. 506.20 Crores (SSR 1995-99) and the total benefits accrued on account of improvements in the crop yield will be about Rs. 274.50 Crores and the B.C. Ratio of the scheme works out to 3.20. It is proposed to complete the project in a span of 6 years from the actual date of commencement. Part Administrative approval for Rs. 81 Crores was accorded vide G.O.Ms. No. 257,         I & CAD Dept., Dt. 25-09-1995. The modified project estimate has been administratively sanctioned by Govt. in G.O.Ms. No. 171, I & CAD Department, Dt. 30-10-2003 for Rs. 565.87 Crores.


TAC Clearance:


C.W.C. has cleared on 3-4-1996 subject to forest and environmental clearance and certain technical aspects.

Forest Clearance: 

An extent of 1170 Ha (793 Ha – Guntur District and 377 Ha (Nalgonda District) of degraded reserve Forest land is liable for submersion due to construction of Pulichintala project.


The District Collector, Prakasam District has allotted 1170 Ha of land from S.Nos.587 and 588 in Velagapaya (v) limits of Arthaveedu (M) in Prakasam District, from the Land bank in lieu of 1170 Ha of Reserve Forest under submergence of Pulichintala Project.


The District Collector, Prakasam District has addressed the Executive Engineer, Pulichintala Project Division.No.5, Sattenapalli, requesting him to contact the Divisional Forest Officer, Giddalur for creating poles on boundary line of the 1170 Ha of land identified by meeting the expenditure from project funds; and by taking assistance of Assistant Director, Survey and Land Records, Ongole; so as to hand over the said land to the Forest Department.


The Details of Forest land under submersion is as given below:

1) Right side of Dam                        -           793.00 hectors

2) Left side of Dam                           -           375.27 hectors

                                                            1168.27 or say 1170 Hectors.


The scheme is approved for afforestation to an extent of 1580 Hectares in Velagapaya (V) Arthaveedu (M) in Prakasam District (afforestation 1170 Ha; Inspection path and digging peripheral Trenches etc – 410 Ha, Total 1580 Ha) during 7/2002 by conservation of forests Guntur, with a financial outlay of Rs. 434.309 Lakhs. De-reservation proposals were submitted to the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Hyderabad during 9/2003 for obtaining Forest clearance.


R & R Plan:

            The EIA, EMP, and R&R Plan was submitted to C.W.C. vide D.O. Lr. No. 235 / Irr X / 92-40, Dt: 17-1-1995 from I & CAD Department, A.P.


            The R&R plan is returned with certain remarks and the same was resubmitted to C.W.C. after attending to the remarks during 8/2001. Necessary Index map and R&R plan as called for by CWC was also submitted to CWC during 8/2002. Certain remarks were communicated by C.W.C. during 12/2003 and the same are being attended.


Environmental Clearance:

The environmental clearance is yet to be obtained. A public hearing was proposed on 23-03-1998 in the project affected area by A.P. Pollution Control Board and the same did not take place due to law and order problems. The          A.P.P.C.B. officials were addressed for fixing suitable date for public hearing. The Secretary, A.P.P.C.B. has informed that the District Collector, Nalgonda has decided to defer the Environmental public hearing of Pulichintala Project for the time being due to resistance from political parties and voluntary Organizations and addressed to the Principal Secretary, I & CAD Dept., in letter Dt. 25-11-2002 seeking instructions of the Government for taking further action.


Tenders finalised for drilling of bore holes for foundation soil exploration. Land acquisition for priority lands of 97.215 Acres is under process by the Special Deputy Collector land acquisition unit, Vijayawada. The work exploratory core drilling work was commenced on 11-5-2001 and stopped on 20-5-2001, due to objection of the Hon’ble M.L.A.’s and public.


Govt. in Memo No. 7818 / Irr./ X / A1/ 2003, Dt. 01-12-2003 have issued orders on various steps to be taken to complete the works of Pulichintala Project within a time frame. Accordingly, the following works are to be taken up.


1)     Formation of approach road from Nemalapuri cross road to L/s of the dam site.

2)     To process the Land Acquisition proposals.

3)     Repairs and remodeling of the existing buildings of the N.S.P. colony, Jaggaiahpet.

4)     Shifting of Pulichintala Project office with its division to Jaggaiahpet.


Action is to be taken up on the same by Engineer-in-Chief (Admn.) and Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation).

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